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Sandy Ridge
Baptist Church
Our Policy on Money
Offering PLate

Are Visitors Expected to Participate in the Offering?

No. We don’t invite you to Sandy Ridge Baptist Church for your money. We want our service to be a gift to you. We hope you will find in this place a warm family spirit, truth from God’s Word, and a place where you can grow in God’s grace. Please don’t feel any obligation from us to participate in the offering as a guest. If you are a regular part of Sandy Ridge, God has placed you there to do His work and to be a regular recipient of His grace. Regular attenders and members carry the load of financing God's work with God's money.

Sunday Mornings: 9:09 Small Group & 10:30 Assembly
Sunday Evenings: 6:00 Evening Worship
Wednesdays: Prayer Meeting @ 6:30
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