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Sandy Ridge
Baptist Church
Our History

- 1943 -

Our first Sunday School meeting was held.

- 1944 -

Sandy Ridge Baptist Church began in the Isenhour home Sandy Ridge Road with 27 charter members and their first pastor, Guthrie Colvard. This church was approved by a Presbytery of five local church pastors. The first deacons were ordained; of which, a few are grandfathers of some of our current members.

- 1945 -

A housefire consumed all the church records and a special prayer meeting convened to reconstruct the minutes from the memories of those present. The first VBS occurred this year as well, and a building fund was started. Late in the year, Pastor V.C. Martin became the pastor and the church ordered her first hymnals.

- 1946 -

The first marriage ceremony took place, and the church purchased the piece of land where the older auditorium (youth complex) now sits.

- 1952 -

More classes were held in the bottom of the parsonage.

- 1955 -

SRBC joined the local Baptist Association.

- 1956 -

First insurance policy was taken out on the church.

- 1968 -

Sent first delegates to the Southern Baptist Convention.

- 1972 -

Homer Green became the Pastor of SRBC.

- 1973 -

SRBC purchased the triangle property (now its northern parking lot).

Children's church began.

- 1977 -

Constitution and Bylaws were adopted.

- 1978 -

New building (current sanctuary) was completed.

- 1996 -

Pastor Homer Green completed 24 years of pastoring at SRBC.

- 2001 -

Sandy Ridge regularly had 300 in attendance.

- 2003 -

Attendance was regularly above 400.

- 2016 -

Bill Sturm was called to be the pastor of Sandy Ridge.

Sunday Mornings: 9:09 Small Group & 10:30 Assembly
Sunday Evenings: 6:00 Evening Worship
Wednesdays: Prayer Meeting @ 6:30
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3702 16th Street Northeast
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